Pre-school literacy classes
Frequently Asked Questions

Limited street parking, opposite the building in the library car park, Henry St car park and additional parking in the Woolworths complex. Also conveniently located near Highett train Station.

Limited street parking, opposite the building in Willansby Avenue car park and additional parking in the Coles complex. Or catch the train and jump off at North Brighton.

Yes, we require an adult to assume the responsibility & supervision of each child in the program. You may bring a friends child so you alternate weeks if that suits both families. You can choose to what extent you join in with the class or if you prefer you can watch from a distance. It’s up to you and your child’s needs.

Yes! However, the program is designed for ages 3-5 so they will need to be closely supervised. Siblings need to be enrolled and paid for if they turn 3 within a 9 week block.

Once your child is 3 years (or turns 3 within a 9 week block) they can be enrolled.

Just a water bottle and your children! We have various Letterland Learning Packs available for purchase or you can simply just bring your own bag and a scrapbook to store their work in.

Whilst the aim of the program is to teach the connection between letters & sounds we do offer activities where children can begin to blend the sounds to form (read) words. So yes, some children will begin to read words and gain an understanding of how sounds work together. We do not teach sight words or use readers in classes but your teacher can advise you on the best way to help your child learn these words and begin to read simple readers at home when they are ready. The Letterland program does have resources for school age children too.

Yes! One of the very exciting things for young children is being able to recognise and write their names. We incorporate names into our classes as much as possible and encourage name writing if they are ready. Each child will receive a laminated name card to practise their writing, upon enrolment.

Yes we offer casual sessions if you don’t want to commit to a 9 week block up front, however, they are subject to availability. They are charged at $22 per child.

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for missed classes due to illness or holidays. If you are planning to be absent for a few weeks it would be best to attend at the casual class rate for those remaining weeks. If you want to be assured of your child’s place in the program then we suggest enrolling for the whole 9 week block.

Please email Kinderschool if you need to change times or days. We can transfer your child if there is a vacancy.

To master anything, revision and practice are essential. Your teacher will advise the best way to do this with your child at home. A home learning activity book is included in the enrolment pack and they complete a page each week.

Yes, correct pencil grip is something that we aim to develop. It is a developmental process though, and can’t be pushed, so you will receive advice and ideas for activities you can do to help with finger strengthening.

Letterland is suitable for children from 2-8. At Kinderschool, we plan our lessons using the most appropriate activities for the 3-5 age range. Within this age range there is always a big development difference. A 3 yo may be ready for the same activity as a 4 yo and some 4-5 yo need very basic pre reading & writing activities. In each class there will be a variety of activities set up and the teacher, parents and carers can guide their child to the most appropriate ones. The children can also choose which activities interest them. At mat time, the content suits all ages and they will take in what they are ready to from this part of the session.

Yes, both venues have air conditioning and heating

All library books that are damaged beyond repair or lost will incur a $15 flat rate replacement fee. Some books are out of print and are irreplaceable so we ask that you please treat all the library books with care.

It may be, please email Kinderschool with your request and we will try to accomodate you at a time that’s free. You will need at least 8 (and no more than 10) children to make up a class.

Mat time is done at the beginning of the class and runs for the first 15-20 mins. During this time the children will be moving a lot, doing actions and songs as well as showing their show and tell. We also have a simple game. If your child’s focus & concentration is not developed enough for this, or they are too shy to participate, they may go to the book corner or sit with their parent / carer and watch the mat time. They may well join in after a few weeks when they’re more comfortable.

Whilst we always recommend starting at the beginning of the year, you can join at any time. We have 4 blocks of 9 weeks. Enrolling in a 9 week block is preferred and is offered at a discounted rate, however, you can purchase casual classes if you start your child mid way through a block.