Pre-school literacy classes

"Kinderschool run by Emily is fabulous, best thing we did for our pre-prep daughter, it just gave her such a head start in reading, writing and sounding programs once at school"

- Georgie

"My son went to Kinderschool for 2 years and has just started at school. He is off to a flying start and has a great attitude towards reading and writing. He always enjoyed Emily’s classes and was eager to go, but I was never quite sure how much he was taking in. Given how well he is going sounding out words in his readers and blitzing his golden words, he was clearly learning a LOT! Of all the activities I have done with my kids before they started school, this is the best and most valuable in my opinion"

- Susie

"A perfect school readiness program. It really helped with the jump from kinder to school. Emily is so lovely and supportive."

- Alison

"Thank you. Noah is really enjoying kinderschool. It is his favourite activity of the week.""

- Leanne

"Mia loved it and asked me if she could come back everyday!"

- Lauren

"Willow has loved coming to Kinderschool, a highlight of her week. I have seen her develop so much since she has been attending and it has really ignited in her a desire to learn, to read and to write. Thank you so much Emily and I wish you all the best with your business"

- Liza