Pre-school literacy classes
The Kinderschool Letterland Program
Join us in Term 4!

This program is the perfect introduction to Letter sounds. It will also encourage and develop writing and fine motor skills. Covering the whole alphabet in 9 weeks, it’s a condensed version of our year long program. (Parent/Carer required)

Who is it suitable for?
  • Children starting school next year who would like some exposure to a pre school literacy program.
  • Current Kinderschool families who would like a revision / consolidation term.
  • Families who may be considering Kinderschool for next year, try this introduction term and secure your place!
  • People who want a fun, relaxed, age appropriate and informative pre school reading / writing program.
When: 9 week block Start date: Oct. 8th
Fees: $175 per child over 3 yrs
Where: Rokabye Children’s Boutique
529 Highett Rd Highett & 353 Bay St. Brighton


Day Time
Tuesday 9:45am - 10:30am
Tuesday 10:45am - 11:30am
Wednesday 9:45am - 10:30am
Wednesday 10:45am - 11:30am
Day Time
Tuesday 12:45pm - 1:30pm
Tuesday 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Wednesday 12:45pm - 1:30pm
Wednesday 1:45pm - 2:30pm

  Classes will not be confirmed until 5 students have enrolled.


Block 1 (9 weeks) Feb 5 - April 3

Week 1 - Information session and meet and greet for the children.

This is not a structured class but an opportunity for everyone to meet & familiarise themselves with program & your teacher, Miss Emily. Various Letterland Learning packs will be available for purchase.

Week 2 : Annie Apple & letter Aa

Week 3: Bouncy Ben & Letter Bb

Week 4: Clever Cat & Letter Cc

Week 5: Revision A B C

Week 6: Dippy Duck & letter Dd

Week 7: Eddy Elephant & letter Ee

Week 8: Firefighter Fred & letter Ff

Week 9: Revision A - F

Block 2 (9 weeks) April 23 - June 19

Week 1. Golden Girl & letter Gg

Week 2. Harry Hat Man & letter Hh

Week 3 Impy Ink & letter Ii

Week 4 Revision A-I

Week 5 Jumping Jim & letter Jj

Week 6 Kicking King & Letter Kk

Week 7 Lucy Lamplight & letter Ll

Week 8 Munching Mike & Letter Mm

Week 9 Revision A-M

Block 3 (9 weeks) July 16 - Sept 11

Week 1 Noisy Nick & letter Nn

Week 2 Oscar Orange & Letter Oo

Week 3 Peter Puppy & Letter Pp

Week 4 Revision A-P

Week 5 Quarrelsome Queen & letter Qq

Week 6 Red Robot & letter Rr

Week 7 Sammy Snake & letter Ss

Week 8 Talking Tess & letter Tt

Week 9 Revision A-T

Block 4 6 letters

Oct 8 - Dec 5 (Wed) Dec 11 (Tue)

Week 1 Uppy Umbrella & letter Uu

Week 2 Vicky Violet & letter Vv

Week 3 Walter Walrus & letter Ww

Week 4 Revision A-W

Week 5 Fix it Max & letter Xx

Week 6 Yellow Yo Yo Man & letter Yy

Week 7 Zig Zag Zebra & letter Zz

Week 8 Revision A-Z



** No class on Tuesday Nov 5th due to Melbourne Cup. This class will finish the year on Tuesday Dec. 11th.

A more detailed program will be handed out at the start of each block detailing the weekly table time activities and any extra events on during that block. Letterland Movie days and special event classes for Easter and Christmas etc will run as optional extras.

9 week blocks $175 (19.45 per class)

Casual sessions are $22 and are subject to availability. If you book in part way through a block you will be charged at the casual rate for the remaining weeks in the block.

You will be invoiced at the time of enrolment and fees are due within 2 weeks of the invoice date.

If you join part way through a block you’ll be charged at the casual rate for the weeks remaining in that block.

Siblings who turn 3 years at any time during a 9 week block will be charged for that block and they will be fully included in the program for that block.